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The Feminine

Delve into the theme of femininity with :etchingsmelb. 10, a collection exploring the many facets of female identity. This beguiling compilation of fiction, poetry, art, interviews, reviews and memoirs honours the female as artist and poet; as the receiver, sustainer, and creator of lineage; as observer, empathiser, rebel, protector, adventurer and seeker; as both the dreamer and the realist.

Featured in this issue is an interview with Kate Holden on the ways her womanhood has been publicly constructed and contested, in which she confesses the personal risks and rewards of writing memoir and muses about whether she considers herself a feminist author. The fiction offered in this issue includes ‘The Ink on her Lips’ by A. S. Patric, and ‘Her Beauty as a Sword’ by Deborah Cass, each presenting subjective portraits of women with their quirks, strengths, and passions laid bare. In her memoir ‘All That Glitters’, Silk Chen questions traditional notions of femininity in Chinese culture as the tension and accord between past and present sensibilities haunt her.

The feminine is depicted, debated, and celebrated through the art of Deborah Klein, whose meticulously rendered heroines are exhibited and concealed in equal measure; through the father-daughter perspectives on modern femininity offered by artists George Kannavas and Ruby Kannavas; through the eternal female archetypes portrayed in the work of 19th century artist Gustave Moreau.

There is also a memoir from Palila Opit; poetry from Geoff Lemon, Bronwyn Mehan, Ahimsa Timeteo Bodráhn, Bob Morrow, Danielle Blasko, and others; fiction from Gretchen Shirm (Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist of the Year), Susan Bennett, Colin Varney, Patricia Costello and Moya Costello, Erin Ritchie, and many more.

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Paperback - 196pp
176 x 240mm
ISBN: 9781921325151
RRP: AU$24.95
March 2012

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Etchings 10 Fiction Deborah Cass - excerpt     Etchings 10 Art Deborah Klein - excerpt 

Etchings 10 Lorna Murray - excerpt  Etchings 10 Art George Kannavas and Ruby Kannavas  Etchings 10 Memoir Palila Opit - excerpt  Etchings 10 Art Gustave Moreau - excerpt

:table of contents
Janelle Moran
An Interview with Kate Holden
Deborah Cass
Her Beauty as a Sword
A. S. Patric
The Ink on Her Lips
Patricia Costello & Moya Costello
Dorothy Simmons
For the Tomatoes
Felicity Castagna
Last Train
Susan Bennett
The Red Pot
Janine Mikosza
Susan Paterson
Synonyms for Snow
Colin Varney
Spice Jars
Gretchen Shirm
When in Amsterdam
Erin Ritchie
Louise D'Arcy Lilith Gets a Dog
Silk Chen
All That Glitters
Palila Opit
The Truth of Stories
Libby Hart
Síle na gig / This Stone in My Hand /
Lake Baikal
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán21 Gun Salute / Cycle Undone
Danielle Blasko
Crossing Farrow Parkway /
To Liz in the Psych Ward
Geoff Lemon
Bob Morrow
No Flags / Reprise
June Perkins
Reading Trin T. Minh-Ha / Womb Weaver
Bronwyn Mehan
Her First Writing Class /
No Matter How Long It Takes
Laurel Jackson
Autumn and Anthony
:art & photography
Joe Dolce
Inga Walton
Behind Beauty’s Masks: Works by
Deborah Klein
Sasha Gaskin
Against the Fence
George Kannavas, Ruby Kannavas,
Lorna Murray
Three Artists' Impressions
Eva Lomski
Gustave Moreau and the Eternal Feminine
Exhibition: A Retrospective Piece

by Arnold Zable Violin Lessons
by Sonia Faleiro Beautiful Thing: Portrait of a Bombay
Bar Dancer