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Lentil as Anything: Food, Culture, Community

Lentil as Anything:
Food, Culture, Community


After two sell-out print runs of the hard cover edition, Lentil as Anything: Food, Culture, Community is now available in soft cover! Read more

 1st prize 'Best in the World' Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2013 'Best Fundraising, Charity, Community Book in Pacific'

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Too Afraid to Cry
Ali Cobby Eckermann

Too Afraid to Cry is a memoir that, in bare blunt prose and piercingly lyrical verse, gives witness to the human cost of policies that created the Stolen Generations of Indigenous people in Australia. It is a narrative of good and evil, terror and happiness, despair and courage. It is the story of a people profoundly wronged, told through the frank eyes of a child, and the troubled mind of that child as an adult, whose life was irretrievably changed by being tricked away from her family and adopted into a German Lutheran family.

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Vula Bevalile
Maithri Goonetilleke


Vula Bevalile is a collection of vignettes written over several years by Australian doctor Maithri Goonetilleke, who has been contributing his time voluntarily in Swaziland—a country devastated by extreme poverty and the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Through the stories, the reader is taken on an incredible journey across a landscape of extreme adversity and medical and economic hardship.

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